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Zhiyuan Zhao
        Organic Chemistry Master of Nankai University; chemistry doctor of Birmingham University; more than 7 years of production line and management experience of a well-known foreign CRO enterprises in Shanghai; specializing in small-molecule drugs, heterocyclic compounds, development, design and optimization of chiral compounds synthesis routes, timely solutions to multi-step synthesis; giving guidance to difficult problems in the synthesis of the project and the company's small scale synthesis. Such as: the catalytic synthesis of chiral resolution, explore of synthetic routes to chiral split and new drugs;
        Doctor Zhao  has extensive experience in the purification of compounds, good use of column chromatography, TLC, recrystallization purification technology and NMR, MS, IR, UV, fluorescence, electrochemical analytical tools; involved in the synthesis of compounds over 2000, presided over the development and management of dozens of projects including API ,and to develop R & D and production plans, and actively communicate with project members to promptly resolve project problems; while focusing on practicality and feasibility of its operating unit in production of the workshop. and EHS issues to ensure implementation of the production plan, ensuring that each project has successful completion based on "on time" "shelf", "full amount". Led the team to complete a number of projects in the synthesis of complex and challenging task of target compounds, and to achieve lower costs, simplify processes, improve the yield, has been highly praised the majority of customers.
Zhenting Peng
         Master of Polymer Chemistry of Tianjin University, Polymer Materials and Engineering Dr. of Technical University of Munich, has many years of basic research and technology development experience, familiar with the basic synthesis of new materials and manufacturing processes to expand in colorants, paints, inks, features new materials, nano materials, polymer composites, fine chemical additives and other fields have profound attainments, well versed in the operating practices of the overall process of polymer chemistry, in low-dimensional materials (nanotubes, graphene, boron nitride and molybdenum disulfide, etc. ) has prepared more stripped dispersion study, also chaired the research and preparation of nano light licorice given drug crystals, to overcome fatal weakness of the traditional glabridin, increasing its solubility and permeation rate, and enhance the cosmetic whitening effect.
Junfu Li
       Organic Chemistry Master of Zhengzhou University; Chemical Biology Dr. of Nankai University; have genetically engineered drugs and sustained release microsphere formulation for three years and five-year R & D experience in peptide drug development experience. Has a rich R & D and production management experience in peptide drug, such as polypeptide polymer modified, peptide nucleic acid synthesis and artificial nucleases, helical polypeptide construct artificial enzymes , peptide HIV fusion inhibitors; Proficient non-natural amino acids and peptide drug molecule synthetic route design, process development, process optimization and process parameters verification before production; Also skilled experience in phage display peptide - Screening targeting peptides, recombinant protein - protein recombinant adenoviral vector, bacterial vector recombinant proteins. Targeting peptide phage research, get some specific peptides can be used as a drug carrier and targeted follow-up study of detection. Has presided over the completion of dozens of synthetic of peptides pharmaceutical intermediates and APIs by using solid phase method; and completed two of four peptide intermediates of synthesis and production (100kg / fragment) by liquid method. Led the team developed one 11-step chemical reactions, including seven production steps and optimized synthesis process. And transfer technology to GMP production management workshop, completed two intermediates GMP production tasks,100% product qualification rate won high recognition by our high-quality products and qualified service.
Yuanyuan Ding     
        She is Master of Applied Chemistry of Zhengzhou Industrial University; metal organic catalytic Dr. of First University of Rennes, France. Specializes in design and synthesis of organic ligands (NNN tridentate ligands, carbene ligands, and phosphorus ligands, etc.), the preparation and characterization of metal-organic complexes (iron, manganese, nickel), and use them to catalyze the reduction of unsaturated compounds, including aldehydes, ketones, imines, esters, acids and secondary amines methylation (reaction types include silicon hydride, boron hydride, and hydrogenation reaction); Also developed a series of platinum group metals (Pt, Pd, Ru, Rh, Ir) compounds, Also developed a series of platinum group metals (Pt, Pd, Ru, Rh, Ir) compounds, such as: P salt, sulfate, palladium, platinum nitrate, DPPFPdCl2, PdPPh3, rhodium octanoate, rhodium acetylacetonate triphenylphosphine, Ru (P- Ceyene), (IrClCOD) 2, etc., and the design of new business processes and preparation process, and has achieved good economic for Corey Chemical Company; Also specializes in the design and preparation of organic photovoltaic materials, has presided over the development of a variety of small molecule OLED materials, including fluorescent material of red, green and blue color, the phosphorescent material, Triarylamines hole transport materials; and prepared a series of pyrazine thiophene class, benzo-thiadiazoles, thiophene silole class, fluorene small molecules and polymers, film-state UV absorption up to 900nm. And test a series of optical and electrical properties.
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