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Enterprise Concept:
1.Always people-oriented, firmly believe that talent is the most important resources, to the introduction of long-acting talents, so that companies can have an incentive for continuous development.
2.The company pays most attention to human resources planning, through comprehensive training mechanism and evaluation mechanisms so that employees and enterprise can grow together.
3.Adequately protected employees’ benefits, which are closely related to enterprise’s benefits.
4.Establish and continuously improve salary and benefits system, so that the company and employees can share mutual profits.
5.Good staff promotion channel for better talents to better position.
6.The boss is the investor; the staff is the main business part, the enterprise is a common and equal platform. for talent development.
Talent Concept:
1.This is a pragmatic enterprise; please speak with your performance.
2.Time is not a problem, but in our Corey chemical company, efficiency and effectiveness is everything.
3.Corey Chemical values your diploma, background and experience, but only contribution can prove your worth.
4.If you get one point reward, pls contributed more than one point value for Corey chemical company.
5.If you do not have confidence in any contribution, then leave Corey Chemical Company is your last contribution.
6.If you want to leave, please bring your honor and bonuses, we are your best certifier.
7.Before you issue a complaint, think that how others make it under the same conditions.
8.We need employees analyzing problem reason, but also the need for employees has problem. Solution.
9.The passed experience is not your glory but an obstacle today, so you need to keep learning and progress.
10. Never be afraid to fail, just do it! Just action, you will have more chance of success than others.
11.Your presence worth in Corey chemical company is only one point: to create profit for customers, company and yourself.
12.Winners have in common: virtue, understanding, love, confidence, passion.
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